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Steven Seidman


A little bit about our FOUNDER | CEO...

Over the years, Steven dedicated himself to crafting and perfecting intricate tales that resonate with the child-like wonder within us, aiming to influence and embody the virtues of a true superhero for those in need. This passion led him to establish SOUND COMICS as a platform to champion these stories close to his heart.

In addition to tirelessly bringing his narratives to life, Steven has amassed valuable experience across various fields such as Film, TV, Screenwriting, Narrative Design, and Studio Production. His efforts were driven by the singular goal of laying a solid foundation for exceptional storytelling, ensuring the proper capture of the essence of his intellectual properties.

His vision extends beyond mere storytelling; Steven aspires to create a company that not only delivers compelling narratives but also recaptures the nostalgic joy of yesteryear when comics were enjoyable for everyone, invoking the inner child in each reader. Simultaneously, he seeks to push the boundaries, inviting readers to explore the intriguing realms lying behind closed doors, opening minds to a myriad of possibilities—from the eerie to the wonderfully impossible.

Embark on this exciting journey with Steven and Sound Comics, where the promise is not just great stories, though that is certainly part of it, but a commitment to reviving the universal joy of comics and pushing the limits of imagination.

We welcome you all to SOUND COMICS!

Sean Murphy


Here's a little of what our CCO had to say about him joining our team.

"I am pleased and honored to collaborate with Sean, a dynamic and passionate young individual who has been making remarkable strides in his journey, accumulating valuable experience along the way.

Sean's dedication to the worlds of Film and TV spans many years, during which he has immersed himself in various aspects of production and even established his own specialized studio. His hands-on experience reflects his profound commitment to the industry.

Navigating the intricacies of film and television production demands exceptional multitasking skills, financial acumen, and a genuine passion for the craft. Sean's ability to excel in these areas has already proven invaluable, and his contributions are set to further enhance our company's standing, particularly as we delve into intellectual property generation, as we are poised to do with Sound Comics. It is a transition that only seems even more welcoming of his talents as he forges us ahead in our operations.

Please give him a warm and sincere welcome." - Graven RavenWolf

M. Klass Johnson


Here's a little of what our CCO had to say about him joining our team.

"I'm honored to announce that M. Klass Johnson ( Michael Klass ), my creative partner in crime, is joining me at Sound Comics as our Editor In Chief!

While many of you may recognize M. Klass as one half of the Creatively Dynamic Duo from " It's All Geek to Me " with his talented wife Sandra, what you might not know is that he's a seasoned and remarkably prolific writer in his own right. It turns out he's been keeping his professional writing endeavors under wraps.

The extent of his work is truly impressive when you delve into his background. You may have even unknowingly come across his contributions in TV and Film, though due to pesky NDA's, he hasn't been able to shout about it.

I feel honored and immensely proud to welcome him to the team, and I'm excited to see the direction he'll guide us towards. Let's give him a warm welcome, and stay tuned for an exhilarating journey ahead. The future holds endless possibilities for where you might encounter his influence within our projects." - Graven RavenWolf

Graven RavenWolf


Over the past three years, I've served as a Creative Consultant, contributing to the groundwork for the establishment of Sound Comics and the development of their flagship titles, all set for an official launch in 2025.

As the CCO, my responsibilities will extend to overseeing various aspects of publishing and production, including collaboration with creative teams, managing marketing efforts, and shaping the visual identity of the company, among other duties.

I am eager to contribute to their success and invite you all to join me on this journey. While challenges are certainly inevitable, particularly in the realm of Comics & IP Creation, it ultimately comes down to self-belief, embracing possibilities, and intensely diligent efforts to bring them to fruition.

My goal will always be supporting talented creatives including the inspiring writers, passionate artists, and dedicated individuals choosing to create comics in general and especially here in with Sound!

Your continued support is invaluable my friends, and I am truly grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead. 🙂 Stay tuned...

Talon Trent


Here's a little of what our CCO had to say about him joining our team.

"When the name TALON TRENT is mentioned, it evokes a sense of warmth but also intrigue akin to the pages of a Neo-noir comic book, almost like a subtle hint of foreshadowing, wouldn't you say? 😊

Though his name may paint a different picture, in reality, Talon is nothing short of a superhero, especially in his knack for nurturing exceptional customer service and demonstrating unparalleled management skills. With over 12 years of experience in high-ranking business management, particularly in leading teams of customer-facing professionals, he epitomizes excellence in crafting our customer interaction experience.

Talon will be working to effortlessly navigate the ever-evolving creative market landscape, adeptly bridging the gap between new readers and seasoned enthusiasts. At Sounds Comics, we're fortunate to have him spearheading our efforts to extend a genuinely compassionate welcome to both newcomers and longtime fans alike. It all begins with prioritizing the consumer experience while ensuring our stories resonate deeply enough to keep them engaged.

In many ways, Talon embodies the comforting spirit of Mr. Rogers, extending a warm invitation to join him, reassuring you that it's perfectly okay to kindly settle in, pull up a seat with us, and enjoy the journey."

Please give him a warm and sincere welcome." - Graven RavenWolf